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Love Law Dr Jepson,

I am not sure if you remember but you taught me A-level law during the years of 2006-2008. I was a slightly mischievous student and completed many additional essays from your essay bank.

Since college, I undertook a BA business with law degree, completed my GDL and LPC and now I am a trainee solicitor employed in a regional Criminal Defence firm based in South London. I regularly attend legal prisom visits and I am also police station accredited. This involves representing duty and own clients at Police Stations on arrest for summary, either way and indictable matters.

I wanted to thank you for the excellent teaching during my college years. Without learning a-level law in crime, I most definately would not have pursued a career in Criminal Defence.

The cat called talent has also assisted in my career journey. If I did not feed my talent, I do not think I would be in the position I am in now.

Thank you again for all the help during my A-levels.

Kindest regards – Radhika Tankaria

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Love Law Dr Jepson,
I’m just emailing to say thank you for the time you invested in me during my years at Strode’s and hopefully to tell you about how all the stress I gave you has paid dividends.

I’ve just graduated for the University of Leicester with a degree in Law With a Year Abroad (that I spent in Sydney, Australia). I got a first and achieved the highest overall degree score for 2015 out of about 600 students, winning six academic prizes. Now I’ve got a year off (which I’m spending running a small property business that I started whist at Uni and working for my Dad’s company) before I start my Training Contract to be a solicitor at Slaughter and May in London which is one of best law firms in the world.

I’ve had an amazing time in the last 4 years since I left college and hope to be able to tell you about some of it but now, at the end of education, I am very aware, unfortunately, I owe you a big debt. We didn’t have the smoothest of rides to say the least but you definitely made me want to achieve in law, if only to prove you wrong about how useless I was compared to Nina my sister! You were an outstanding teacher and made my career choice easy to make.

I also wanted to tell you that I carried on Mooting and in July came runner-up for best oralist in an international mooting competition against the likes of NUS (National University of Singapore), Cambridge, Harvard etc.

I hope you’re enjoying retirement and am sure you are keeping yourself busy!

All the best,  Michael Craig

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Love Law Dr Jepson,

Thank you for teaching me for AS Law, I highly doubt you will remember however by some feat of sheer luck I have managed to survive the ordeal named strokes and have been awarded a place at the University of Law in London Bloomsbury to sit the two year accelerated LLB Hons.

Despite my early wants to attend a US University to which I had received multiple offers I have found taking the LLB first saved time and money and would allow me to be dually accredited in two countries in four to five years.

My question is whether you have any advice for me before starting this course as I am slightly worried about the impending tsunami of work heading my way.

Michael Spencer-Dempsey

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Love Law

Dear Dr. Jepson,

I hope you are well.

I am former student Law and Politics student of yours from Strodes College.  I am not sure if you will recall, but about 18 months you provided me with a reference for an application for a masters in International Law.  I will completing this course in August of this year and, commencing in October, I will be undertaking doctoral research, on a scholarship, at the University of Durham.

On receiving my offer of study at Durham my thoughts turned to when I first studied law, and I just thought I would send you a quick email to express my appreciation for your fantastic lessons all those years ago at Strodes.  It was in your class in 2005 that I first interacted with law as an academic discipline and I owe a great deal to your enthusiastic and thorough approach to the subject.  Even to this day I use your read and precise method; and as a part time member of the academic staff at Durham year next, I will try and pass on the same diligent approach and passion that you lessons gave me.  Thanks again.

Alex Brown

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Hi Dr Jepson, I have been a studenLove Lawt of yours in the past, from 2001-2003 in law and also in citizenship.

I would like to thank you for caring about my eduction, for your excellent teaching and the difference you made to my education and self belief with your fun classes and great teaching methods including:
– introducing me to the Buzan method of brainstorming,
– Persistence in setting demanding yet achievable targets as homework,
-being an approachable and nice guy overall.

Thanks to some of your persistence I was able to pass my Law A Level with a decent grade. I still remember how pleased you were. I now work at an Investment Bank in Canary Wharf, Central London.

It would be great pleasure to hear back from you and perhaps to catchup with you for a short conversation over tea or coffee if you ever have the time.

Kind Regards
(Dilnawaz Ahmed, Rafiq)

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Love LawHello Dr Jepson, After I left Strodes I went to the University of Sussex to do American Studies and now I’m on my year abroad at the University of California San Diego. I’m studying a politics course and I got 95% on my last exam. I also just finished interning for the California Democrats as we just had a congressional election and it was a very close race. Our race was in the 52nd district in San Diego and was against Scott Peters and Carl DeMaio. During my internship I had to do a lot of canvassing – making phone calls and going door to door, as well as other tasks such as handling data. I also met Congressman Joe Kennedy!!

Glad to see you’re still with the Laws Department. It may have been a lot of essays, but I think because of it I performed the best in it out of all my A-Level subjects and still continue to study and enjoy it.

Olivia Aujla.

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Love Law

Hello Dr Jepson,  Over many years I have found your resources on A level law on the internet invaluable.  Although I teach the AQA syllabus, I have been able to learn a lot about how to structure assessments for my students from your assignment grids and question banks. You are an inspiration to me as a law teacher and I think that your dedication to your students and obvious enthusiasm for teaching is worth emulating.

Wishing you good luck, good health and much success in your retirement. Happy retirement!

Abi Adeboyejo, Law Lecturer,  Birmingham Metropolitan College

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Love Law Ashley Budgen here, you may not remember teaching me during 2008-2009. I do keep checking the Lawsblog website every few weeks, and I only noticed today that you are retiring as of the end of August. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy retirement and also to wish you success in the future.

I’m not sure if I kept you up to date with my development, I moved back down to Byfleet from Glossop in 2011, and I have been working at a Tier 3 Data Centre for 3 years now. I have become the Support Team Leader and I am now in charge of organising a Support Team(which is very scary, as I’m only 22) J I would just like to thank you for the lessons learnt from Law; I still find myself using the skills I learnt from Mrs Lindley and Yourself to this day: Read & Precis, BlueSky thinking etc. I even use Tony Busan’s iMindmap. Once again, I would very much like to thank you for this.

I also lecture people on Laws cases and Mens Rea and Actus Reus; when they try to talk about Murder cases at work. I have also shown lots of people the Essay that I did that ended up on the Lawsblog website; I believe this was the case about Shabina wearing the Jilbab, with regards to Human Rights.

I am looking to move back to Glossop next year though and work in Manchester. As I think now is the time to look for a new challenge, and most of my family are up north.

Ashley Graham Budgen

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Love Law

I noticed that you will be leaving Strodes College in August, I think that will be a tremendous loss to the Laws Department, or ‘Sociology Department’ as I think it’s now called.  It has been five years since I left Strodes College and still the things I learnt within the Laws Department help me today, particularly read and précis and the discipline to stick with something that may seem too complicated at first. I look very fondly at my time spent within the Laws Department and it is no doubt that your teaching and advice has helped me throughout.

I hope you and all the teachers within the Laws Department are well. The next time I am in Egham I’ll be sure to pop in and say hello.

Best wishes.

Sarina Worle

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Love LawI Hi Dr Jepson, I was just looking at the Laws Blog and I realised how long it has been since I sent in a message. I am currently still in Bangor University undertaking a LLM in International Law, specialising in International Criminal Law and International Human Rights Law. I really enjoy the course; I just have my dissertation to finish now which concerns whether apartheid exists between Israel and Palestine. After I finish my LLM I am hoping to do a former student of yours at Strodes College.  I studied Law and Government and Politics at A level in 2005 – 2007.

After leaving Strodes I attended The University of Nottingham, and Hong Kong University on exchange, and graduated in July 2012 with a 2:1 in Law with Chinese Law.

After having spent some time working as an English teacher in China I am currently in the process of applying for a Masters in International Human Rights Law at the Lund University, Sweden.

The Law A level I completed at Strodes was my first experience of study in this area, and your passion for the subject and engaging approach has been a large factor in my continued desire to study Law.  The methods and study tools applied in your classes have helped me throughout my studies and work, and I credit much of my academic success to your teaching.

Alex Brown

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Love LawDear Dr Jepson, I hope you are well and the department is flourishing as always. I was wandering past Strode’s earlier and thought it might be a nice idea to check back in with you. I graduated a few months ago from the University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus, where I received a first class, which I couldn’t be happier about. Even three years down the line, I still have to acknowledge that a great deal of that accomplishment is a result of what I learned at Strode’s, specifically in the laws department and from yourself.

I would also like to mention how invaluable my first mooting experience at Strode’s was to me. Participating in the competitions at Strode’s gave me the confidence to go on to moot at my University, where last year I made it to the Semi-Final of the National BPP/OUP Competition. So if any of your students are hesitant to get involved, I couldn’t recommend it enough.

As for what I am up to now, I am a few months into an LLM in International Commercial Law at the University of Exeter, this time at Streatham Campus. It’s all going very well and I have my first exam in January. At the same time I am also working with the Supreme Court and 6th form law students with a project called ‘The Big Voice London’, which feels very full circle after going to the opening of the Supreme Court with Strode’s!

I hope to be able to update you soon as to my further career progression, as I am currently in the process of applying for Law School in London for the BPTC.

Again, thank you very much for your help during my time at Strode’s and say hello to everyone for me.

Best Wishes,

Victoria Anderson

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 Becky Staunton at the  reading-logo

I’ve just finished my first year at Reading University studying law. I gained a 2:1 in my first year, studying criminal, contract, tort, and constitutional law and legal studies. I would recommend that if any student plans to take law they will want to study hard for the first year exams even if they don’t count towards the degree, as firms will look at these results when considering you for a vacation scheme and training contract in second year!

Reading uni is really good for commercial awareness training and career advice. I have spoken to lawyers and professionals from various areas of work- many companies like law students because of the skills you gain so a law degree is worth considering even if you don’t want to be a barrister or solicitor! Similarly you may go to law events that convince you not to be a lawyer and use your degree for something else.  However I would recommend to potential students that they should not look at a law degree if they are not sure about it, as it is hard work to get good grades and some areas can be very dry. Its not all like law and order unfortunately!
I would also say to definitely get involved with things like mooting, mock trials and pro bono work as soon as possible. Not only do they look great on your cv but they will help you understand area of law in more depth and improve your advocacy skills. I have been helping out at local schools this year organising debating competitions and encouraging students to talk about topical legal and moral issues, which has been very rewarding. I’ve also met my fellow students from other years and they have given great advice about what’s to come!
All in all I’ve had a great first year at Reading!

Becky Staunton

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  Conor Newman at Oxford University.

Congratulations to one of our former students Conor Newman. He writes: ‘I thought it was about time that I got in touch to update you on what’s been going on … My graduation from Oxford is next week-I’ll be receiving a first class degree, which I’m pretty chuffed and surprised about as you can imagine! I’m fairly sure that I wouldn’t have achieved what I have without Strode’s and particularly the Laws Department, so I must grudgingly thank you for all the essays! ‘

When in his first year of study at Oxford, Conor wrote: I am currently in my first year studying Law (Jurisprudence) at St Hugh’s College, Oxford. It is a wonderful and intellectually challenging experience. Your current and future students should all know that, although your methods may seem almost draconian at times, they lay the right foundations for study at University, particularly at Oxford where the emphasis is very much on individual work and one-to-one tutorials. If your students think their read and precis workload is difficult, wait until they get to university.

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  Anemone Jasmin-Baker at Westminster.

As promised, I am letting you know of my progress.

I have just finished my first month of my second year at Westminster University studying law. I have to say, the work load is already driving me insane. I now understand the need for précis notes and essay plans. I would hate doing them at A-level, but they are actually very useful.
This year I’m studying Criminal law, EU law and French law and legal language (translating cases in French and learning about the French legal system) as I study LLB Law with French law; a small boost for future employment. I’m glad I did A-level Law though as all the cases and topics for A2 criminal are the same ones as I’m studying now, with a few additional ones of course. All the cases are pretty much the same though and I remember most of them off by heart so this year is really just revision.
EU is more challenging. Still, I need to pass it though in order to get a good degree classification at the end of it. I got a 2.2 last year which I hope to improve this year and in my final year which will be 4th year. I go abroad next year to France to study the French legal system further.
I also need to start applying for training contract this year and working out in what area of law I want to specialise in in the future. I’m thinking of going into business law and international trade so I need to start looking into that. But for now, work experience in law firms is key so that I can upgrade my CV. That would be a good tip for your students actually, to start looking for experience now as the legal profession gets tougher every year.
All in all, this year so far is going well, I’ve already got plenty of assignments and exams set for the year which leaves little time for a social life. I guess that is how just university is life though.
I hope everything at Strode’s is going well.
Best wishes,
Anemone Jasmin-Baker

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Ruth Maltby at Hull University.

Some great news from the mother of a former Laws student who went to Hull University t0 read for a Law Degree: “Dr JepsonRuth got her law degree result yesterday – she got a First – you deserve a huge piece of credit for believing in her. Thank you. Ann Wainwright”.

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Lauren Mullen at Kingston University.

I would like to thank you and the rest of the Laws Department for all their help throughout my AS and A Levels. I am now at Kingston University, studying LLB Law with Criminology, after being told there was very little chance of me ever getting into University.

I loved studying Law at Strode’s and this gave me an advantage through my first year at University, so much so I have been helping others while studying for exams.

My first year at University has been English Legal Systems (all of the first year of AS) and Public Law (Police Powers, How Acts of Parliament are made etc.). So for any of your students thinking of getting rid of those law books taking up space in their rooms, tell them I said “Don’t you dare!” – they will be your life savers when your big, chunky, and over complex, University books confuse you!

Also, I cannot recommend the AQA Extended Project enough! It took me a few weeks over the summer and I started my second year of Strode’s with a B grade, which I was very proud of because I managed to do that on my own (with help from Miss Incledon of course). This also gave me an advantage on my UCAS application.

I hope everyone is well! And I really cannot thank you all enough! Lauren Mullen.

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  Message from Sarina Worley at Bangor University.

Hi Dr Jepson,  I’m finally in my third year of University at Bangor. It seems hard to believe I started Strodes College all the way back in 2007! It feels like just yesterday I was sitting in one of your classes nervously awaiting another one of your essays. I’m still Mistress of the Moot and Vice-President of the Law Society which definitely keeps me busy! The mooting competitions are soon to be taking place, including one of my own competitions (The Annual Bangor University Law Society Mooting Competition), and it looks like they’re the most popular yet.  I’ve had my first week of third year lectures and I have already managed to obtain a small internship at a solicitor’s office which hopefully will be a warm and eye opening experience. The most apparent difference this year is the amount of work, it has suddenly become a lot more intense and there is an overwhelming knowledge among third years that this is the most important year of our undergraduate life.

Once again Dr Jepson I must say thank-you for all your constant support and willingness to provide knowledge. I am sure there are some students sitting in your class wondering ‘what is the point of all these essays’ or ‘what is the point for read and précis’. I can honestly say without them I would not have had the ability to tackle an essay or research law books as well as I can. So everyone continue to do what Dr Jepson says, his methods may seem demanding, even exhausting at times, but they work and that is all that really matters.

University is the best experience I’ve ever had in my life! I recommend it to everyone!

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Message for Ms Attewell,

I am now studying a Social Work degree at Chichester University. I love it and I can’t thank you enough for making us do all those essays (even if I did complain all the time). Compared to my classmates I am finding essays, especially referencing a whole lot easier than them! I do often think of how much better I would be if I had completed all of them!

Annie Humphrey (Feb 2013).

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image001  Dr Jepson

I am officially going to the UK Supreme Court to compete in the final rounds of Brunel’s advanced internal mooting competitions. The two finalists from the advanced moot cup and the two from the beginners moot cup have been invited to present their cases to the UK Supreme Court of the 26th February 2013.

I cannot believe I have made it this far and in a few short weeks will be appearing before the highest court in the country! It is safe to say I am extremely nervous and excited!

I never thought I would be lucky enough in the entirety of my career to be heading to the Supreme Court and I know I would not be at the level I am at and on my way there in 20 short days if it wasn’t for the skills I picked up in your classroom.


Lauren Bovington (Reading Law at Brunel University) Feb 2013.

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