Found guilty – but should he be free to work …

chedUPDATE: The Appeal Court have quashed the Ched Evans conviction for rape on the basis of new evidence being provided. The Appeal Court have indicated that a re-trial should take place.

FINAL UPDATE: Ched Evans is found NOT GUILTY of rape at a re-trial heard in Cardiff Crown Court.



Ched Evans, the former Manchester City and Sheffield United forward, was found guilty of raping a 19-year-old girl in a hotel room and the Judge at the trial gave a five year prison sentence. In accord with normal procedure, Evans has been released from prison after serving two and a half years of his sentence. Despite such, via his website he maintains his innocence and the Criminal Cases Review Commission is to examine his caseSee a summary 0f the legal issues. (at 4th January 2015)

One of the main aims of sentencing is rehabilitation. This means that it is hoped that the convicted criminal will serve their time, reflect upon his/her unacceptable behaviour, and helped to be restored back into society a better person. As Gordon Taylor, of the Professional Footballers Association remarks: “It is a fundamental part of the justice system in this country and society in general that a person serves the punishment which the court determines is appropriate and, providing that has been done, an individual is entitled to be released to continue with his or her life.”

Ched Evans has served the punishment given by the Courts.  Should he now, like some other footballers with a criminal record, be free to work and participate in society?   Or, should society carry on punishing him?

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