Police to use Spit Hoods?

spithoodThe Metropolitan Police Force have been considering establishing a trial of the use of Spit Hoods. The reason given is that some people who are being arrested spit or bite police officers and placing a Spit Hood would help prevent such action.

Logically, very few people would invite the imposition of a Spit Hood by the police. It follows, therefore, that considerable force would need to be used by the police to get a person they are arresting to wear the hood. Obviously, this raises human rights concerns

Martha Spurrier, Director of Liberty, has described: “A spit hood is a primitive, cruel and degrading tool that inspires fear and anguish,”

“Police have the power to use force against citizens when they have to – using handcuffs, arm restraints, leg restraints, pepper spray, batons.

“The suggestion that officers need to be able to cover people’s faces and heads is as far-fetched as it is frightening.

“Spit hoods belong in horror stories, not on the streets of a civilised society – we urge the Met Police to think again.”

Perhaps an alternative solution would be for the police to voluntary wear a protective hood that would shield them from any saliva? 

See news story of Sussex Police use a Spit Hub on a disabled girl.

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