Fancy a career in the police?

TattooIf you fancy a career in the police, it is wise to avoid having a tattoo. Even females who have a small discreet heart tattoo behind the ear could fall foul of police appearance policy, and be excluded from a police career.

The Home Office say that candidates with a tattoo may be eligible for appointment, but each case should be considered on its merits. The Metropolitan Police, since 2012, have directly banned officers from having tattoos visible on their hands or face. They will only accept tattoos that are covered and hidden from vision.

My own view on wearing a tattoo is that it is like buying an item of clothing that you intend to wear 24 hours a day for the rest of your life. In no time, that item will become yesterdays fashion statement. It will also fade in colour and quality as  you age.

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I am the editor of this LawsBlog. On the 31st August 2014, I retired as Head of the Department of Social Sciences at Strode's College, Egham, Surrey. In that post I was responsible for the subject areas of Laws, Politics, Sociology, and Humanities. Prior to that, also at Strode's College, I managed Laws, Politics, Citizenship, the AQA Baccalaureate, and the Extended Project Qualification.
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